Session Etiquette

Useful Information for the day of your session and acceptable behaviour

Communication – I am happy to have a pre session chat with you on the phone, or exchange a limited number of text messages.

What I am not happy with is a constant barage of messages or calls! I am not your wife, your lover, I am not having a relationship with you, not do I want to. You have booked a BDSM session, nothing more.

If you are unable to respect my time and privacy, then I will delete and block you, and add you to the Mistress black list, assuming you are not on there already! Normal people can disregard this paragraph, but if you’re a ‘bunny boiler’ or stalker, then I am not the person you want to session with.

You will be met at the door by myself. If you wish to have a pre session chat, that is fine with me just let me know, either beforehand or when you arrive. It does sometimes help to calm the nerves for first timers! Pre and post session chats are on my time, not yours. Once we enter my Playroom, then I will be in full role, and your session will begin.

Please arrive on time. If you are going to be delayed for any reason, please notify me on route. This is my private home so I ask that you respect my privacy as I will respect yours. Arrive in normal dress (no rubbber of leather please!) you may change in the house. If you are bringing clothing/props, please bring them in a discreet bag or case.

I have regular business meetings at my house, so there is no need to feel awkward or embarrassed. Whilst my Playroom is fully equipped, and I will have all the necessary equipment for your session, due to COVID if you want to be hooded or gagged, please bring your own hood/gag with you, as I will not share the use of these.

If it is your intention to be pegged or used anally I ask that you ensure you are thoroughly clean before arriving by administering an enema for yourself. (you can do this a few hours before).

Once you have entered my Playroom, your session will begin, based of the scene you have requested. I am experienced, and like to push limits, but will not let you come to harm.

If at any time during the session you feel out of your depth, or have a medical need that needs addressing, use your safe word, and we will stop and discuss the issue before continuing. If you wish to have the use of a safe word, please let me know before the session begins.

All of my sessions are based on the principals of SSC and RACK and by participating in a session you have acknowledged and understand the risks involved in BDSM activities.

Please understand and respect the things I do not do. Hardsports (scat) and Blood Play are not available. I do not offer sex, please do not embarrass yourself by asking.

Once the session finishes, you may take a shower if required, and if you want to, a quick post session chat to discuss what you liked, didn’t like, and what else you would like to try.

Please also note, for your own privacy I will never text/message/email or call you unless you ask me to or send me a message. For planning, I ask that all sessions are booked through my website.

If there is anything you need to clarify, please feel free to contact me.

I look forward to seeing you on the day of your session

Mistress Lucy x