Sessions For Women

A unique experience in surrender and servitude!

Sessions For Women

It does seem in the world of FemDom to be very male slave focussed, and that is probably true! Most of the content online is produced and aimed at the male market (I’m as guilty of this as anyone else!)

I regularly take sessions with women, and completely understand that it’s a very different experience to what a male slave wants and needs! It does make sense, as I am a woman!

The needs and wants of a female submissive is very different. At the end of the day, everyone is unique, everyone’s fantasy is specific to them and a session with a Mistress should be about escapism, fantasy, and fun!

As with every session, I don’t judge anyone, or ridicule anyones fantasy. I work with the elements you want to experience, add a few suggestions, so the finished scene reflects what you want to experience, and how you want to experience it.

The desire to submit is as much about the mind, if not more so, than the physical acts themselves. By being completely open and honest with me about what you want to experience, means I can build your session around these elements and deliver a session that leaves you with lasting memories.

Roleplay is a key part of a session, and I like to dress appropriately to the scene. Rest assured, I can be as strict, and as stern as I need to be, and am not adverse to ensuring naughty girls receive the punishment they need.

Session Ideas

The list below is not difinitive, but gives you a flavour of session ideas. If you have any specific ideas you think I would enjoy, then let me know prior to your session.

Anal Training/Stetching
Boot worship / Shoe worship
Bottom worship
Corporal punishment (Caning, Whipping, Spanking, Slipper, Hairbrush, Paddle, Strap)
Chastity Installation & Keyholding
Facesitting / Smothering
Face slapping
Foot worship
Forced Bi
Forced Masturbation

Human Furniture
Humiliation (verbal & physical)
Leg worship
Nipple torture (NT)
Orgasm Denial
Puppy & Pony training
Strap-on worship
Toilet training (water only)