Sessions For First timers

It’s an honour to help and guide you all on your kinky journeys!

Sessions For First Timers

It’s great to meet and session with so many First Timers! It’s an honour to help and guide you all on your kinky journeys! Whether you want to be spanked, whipped, caned, or worship my feet and boots, I welcome you on this wonderfully exciting adventure!

Over the last few months I’ve been thinking it is going to be useful to explain exactly what happens during a session, what you can expect, and how you will feel! It’s a big ask, but having chatted to many of you, there are common questions, concerns and advice that I can give you.

I Am Approachable!

It’s important to understand that I am approachable! Like all of you, I am a normal person, with a normal life, I just happen to enjoy BDSM, and have done for nearly 20 years!

Be Open With Me!

Be completely open and honest with me about what you want to experience. Your deepest, darkest fantasies will not shock me, and the likelihood is it’s a very normal request in my World! The more honest you are with me, the better I can plan a session for you, allowing you to get the most from the experience.

What Should I Ask to Experience?

Most first timers have a list in their minds as long as a shopping list! Be realistic about the key elements you want to experience, and be realistic of the time frame of your session. Usually 2 or 3 key elements for a 1 hour session is about right. It allows me to build a session plan around these so everything flows, rather than ticking off a big to do list! 

Be realistic about things like pain levels, size of dildo etc – it’s very unlikely you will be able to handle some of the things you see online on your very first session! Many of my regular subs are capable of amazing things, but it’s taken months or sometimes years for them to get to that place. Be patient!

Many first timers like a general session – this will include a mix of elements, and can be as mild or as harsh as you want. It’s often a great way for you to experience different things, and your reaction to each element will allow me to gauge your enjoyment, as sometimes fantasy can be very different to reality – especially if you’ve watching Femdom porn for the last few years!

My Playroom

I’ve put a lot of thought and resource into my Playroom. It’s a wonderfully erotic space, with a rubber floor and loads of devious equipment! You can check out the Playroom page and see a selection of the equipment I have, and how some of it is used.

More importantly, it is a dedicated room, totally different to the rest of my house, so it allows you to make the mental adjustment to a session which I believe to be extremely important.

What I Don’t Do!

I need to make this very clear, I am a Professional Mistress, NOT an Escort! I do not offer sex, or sexual relief, so please do not ask for it! I am not looking for a relationship with you, I offer BDSM sessions! I am happy with most things within a scene but do not offer Blood Play, or Hardsports (Scat)

Initial Contact!

This is the first big step! You’ve probably been thinking about it for a very long time, and almost certainly the lockdowns over the last couple of years have made a lot of people think about what it is they really want to try! In order to manage my bookings, I prefer initial contact to be made through the booking or enquiry forms on my website.

What Happens Once You Have Contacted Me?

I usually get back to enquiries within an hour or so during normal hours (if you message me at 3am, then you won’t get a response until I’ve had my morning coffee!) 

Once I’ve checked your preferred dates are available on my schedule, and I have checked the elements of your session, I will respond to you.

All of my responses will come from It is important that you check your Spam Boxes as these responses occasionally end up there.

A Few Days Before Your Session

A few days before your session I will send you my full address and session etiquette by email. Please read this email carefully, as it contains important information as to my location and what you can and cannot expect in a session.

The Day of Your Session!

It’s the big day! You’re nervous, excited, scared, aroused, and a real mix of emotions! It’s entirely normal! Do not feel embarrassed about arriving as I have regular business meetings at my home. Please be on time, DO NOT arrive early. If you are going to be late, please let me know by phone.

Many first timers like to have a pre-session chat, and I am more than happy to do this, as it does help to calm your nerves. Your session will not begin until you enter my Playroom, pre and post session chats are on my time, not yours. I will not be in role during these chats, and am extremely experienced at putting people at ease. Once we enter my Playroom, I will be in role, and your session will begin.

After Your Session

You’ll be on an emotional high! If you wish to have a post session chat, that’s absolutely fine, and I will ask you that after your session. Some prefer to, some don’t, either way it is fine.

Session Ideas

The list below is not difinitive, but gives you a flavour of session ideas. If you have any specific ideas you think I would enjoy, then let me know prior to your session.

Anal Training/Stetching
Ballbusting / CBT
Boot worship / Shoe worship
Bottom worship
Cock & Ball Torture (CBT)
Corporal punishment (Caning, Whipping, Spanking, Slipper, Hairbrush, Paddle, Strap)
Chastity Installation & Keyholding
Facesitting / Smothering
Face slapping
Foot worship
Forced Feminisation
Forced Bi
Forced Masturbation

Human Furniture
Humiliation (verbal & physical)
Leg worship
Nipple torture (NT)
Orgasm Denial
Puppy & Pony training
Sissy maid training
Small penis humiliatiom (SPH)
Strap-on worship
Toilet training (water only)